Special-purpose machines and automation

Special-purpose Machines & Automation

We implement customer requirements in economic and efficient automation solutions. We produce special-purpose machines and automation solutions in the following sectors:

  • Food:
    Cheese production, chocolate processing, packaging
  • Medical technology:
    Automated assembly and testing machines
  • Production:
    Drilling centres, sheet metal forming equipment, feed and discharge systems
  • Assembly:
    Assembly machines in tool-building
  • Assembly lines:
    Assembly platforms for assembly lines, energy supply systems
  • Lifting devices:
    Special-purpose crane systems for heavy loads
  • Trials and testing:
    Drill test system, free-fall test stands, test stands 
  • Sondermaschinen und Automation 1
  • Sondermaschinen und Automation 2


Machine design, planning, risks and costs are defined in collaboration. This results in performance specifications which are used for the final acceptance test.


The procurement of all parts places high requirements on timelines and quality. We know our long-term suppliers and therefore the latest trends. Assembly and commissioning are carried out by fitters and engineers. All the parties involved work under the same roof. Internal guidelines for wiring and assembly guarantee the highest quality.

Final acceptance - FAT and SAT

The machine is tested at GRITEC for compliance with the requirements contained in the Performance Specifications (FAT) and at the customer location (SAT). Machine acceptance is completed on handover of the machine documentation, the CE certificate and training.


We built the machine. We know the spare parts, suppliers and all the components. We place this know-how at your disposal even after completion. Modifications to the software and process flow are documented and immediately implementable.