Prototypes & Function Carriers

Feasibility in the development process

The feasibility of parts and overall functions in the development process must be verified, virtual simulations must be validated and an embedded PCB procured at short-term notice for software development. Function and moulded parts made of plastic or metal must be supplied on time for visualisation or for tests. GRITEC prototype construction is well equipped and has an experienced team which can even handle "urgent" jobs using well established routines. What cannot be produced in the laboratories or the production shop is procured from Systems Engineering over the tried and tested supplier network.

We offer the all-round all-inclusive service package as an extended workbench and for the development departments of our customers.

  • Prototypen & Funktionsträger 1
  • Prototypen & Funktionsträger 2
  • Prototypen & Funktionsträger 3
  • Prototypen & Funktionsträger 4

Manufacture and component procurement

  • Functional samples for mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics.
  • Plastic moulded and function parts using up-to-date rapid production processes.
  • Electronic modules: layouts (routing), PCB production and industrial rapid PCB production.
  • Testing and measurement of third-party parts and purchased components.
  • 5-axis machining in the in-house production shop.
  • Procurement transparency using ERP system and supplier tracking.

Analyses, tests and approval validation

  • Process analyses on equipment and machine prototypes.
  • Function tests and validation.
  • Standardised tests, environmental tests.
  • EMC tests by accredited partners.
  • Management and documentation of approval tests by accredited partners.
  • Documentation and reports.