GRITEC Technology Centre at Grüsch GR

The GRITEC Technology Centre offers generous amenities (30m x 16m) for the production, assembly and testing of prototypes, special-purpose machines and series equipment in the field of high-tech systems. Our in-house cleanroom of ISO Class 7 with ISO Class 5 in the flow range is capable of developing, building and testing even highly sensitive components.

The Minergie building creates a constant indoor climate. Tests on prototypes, special-purpose machines and endurance tests can be conducted under controlled conditions.

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Assembly workshop - flexibility is what counts

Assembly workshop and electrical laboratory are fully equipped with ESD-insulated floors. The team is trained in handling ESDs.

The systems area is designed so that trucks can drive straight into the shop. A ceiling crane with a capacity of 8 tonnes and a cross-over height of 4.5m provides flexibility even for large components and machines.

OEM lean systems engineering cell

Assembly is part of the development process. Active collaboration between engineers and fitters generate a sustainable functioning product.

Electronics workplaces

ESD, wires, SMD soldering - the number of electronic devices and their complexity is growing rapidly. The requirements for handling electronic devices are also on the increase.

Wires are a key component in almost every electronic product. Here we reply on tested partners.

In-house cleanroom

The air in Grisons is regarded as clean, especially after it is filtered. The cleanroom of IS Class / and ISO Class 5 in the flow range provides the ideal environment for sensitive components. The cleanroom can be temporarily booked for your projects.

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Procurement - the right suppliers

Our experienced specialists are professional negotiators and find the right competitive suppliers at home and abroad for purchased and production components. The broad industry experience from a wide variety of technology sectors and the networks of our customers and partners generate a synergy that generates added value for your product.

Production and measuring systems

If speed is of the essence, we will manufacture for you small batches and prototype parts economically and efficiently. Contact us.

Machine pool