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1. Content of online offer

The author assumes no guarantee that the information provided on this website is up-to-date, correct or complete. No claims for liability will be accepted against the author of this website referring to damage to a material or non-material nature or caused by the use or non-use of the published information or incorrect or incomplete information, provided the author is not guilty of deliberate intent or gross negligence.

All offers are free and without obligation. The author reserves the express right to change, supplement, or remove parts of the website or the entire website without giving special notice or to cease publication temporarily or entirely.

2. References and hyperlinks

In instances of direct or indirect references to other websites (links) which are outside the area of responsibility of the author, a liability obligation would only come into force if the author is aware of the contents and it would be technically feasible and reasonable to prevent their publication, should their contents be illegal. The author hereby expressly declares that at the time of setting the link to the linked website, there was no evidence of illegal content. The author has no influence over the current or future design of the content presented or the authorship of linked sites. For this reason the author dissociates himself from all contents of any linked sites that were changed after setting the link. This declaration is valid for all the links and references established within the proprietary internet presence as well as for external entries made in visitors' books and mailing lists. The liability for all illegal, false or incomplete content and in particular for possible damage that may arise from the use or non-use of such presented information is the sole responsibility of the owner of the linked website.

3. Copyright and trademark law

The author shall make every effort to ensure that the copyrights to the images, sounds, video clips and texts are respected or that he will use licence-free images, sounds, video clips and texts. If protected trade names or trademarks are used on the author's website or if they are mentioned by third parties, they are subject without exception to the conditions of the respective valid trademark rights and ownership rights of the respective registered owner. The conclusion may not be reached that these trademarks are not protected by third party rights simply because they are named. The copyright for elements published and produced by the author shall remain with the author of the site. It is prohibited to duplicate or use these images, sounds, video clips or texts in other electronic or printed publications without the author's express consent

4. Data privacy

If the online offer provides the opportunity to enter personal or business data (e-mail addresses, names, addresses), this is specifically on a voluntary basis by the user.

5. Validity of this disclaimer

This exclusion of liability shall be regarded as part of the online offer in which reference was made to this site. Should any part or wording of this text no longer comply with the present legal provisions or be incomplete, the contents of all the other provisions of this document shall remain unaffected and valid.