Technology Partner

A well organised partnership with highly motivated teams is absolutely necessary to satisfy the very stringent demands expected for marketable high-tech products and sustainable technology processes. Expertise, competence and motivation are the driving forces to ensure joint success. Solutions are called for to inspire users, customers and GRITEC as service provider.


Machine Innovations

The focus here is on achieving a cutting edge in technology to achieve success.

Experienced innovators from the team of GRITEC engineers and a network of specialists take on the challenges of visionary processes and future products. GRITEC supports lateral thinkers, networkers, technology cracks and innovation managers. The experienced teams support their R&D teams with efficient methods for finding new ideas and merging various technologies. The Innovation Pavilion with “farsightedness” has a top infrastructure and a technology laboratory to work out the details.


Gritec News

Organisation and production processes are the focus of the new technical department at GRITEC AG. An agile team with many years of experience in software engineering, genuine SharePoint cracks, process-focused software architects and experienced application programmers network various types of information generated from operational flow processes and supply them in optimised form to meet the individual needs of best-practice executive and project managers.